Aatrox is an outstanding champion among LOL Teamfight Tactics Champions. He has an unforgettable memory with a sad story about him and his brother. You may want to take a look at it in this Aatrox’s Profile. After becoming the honored protectors of Shurima whose mission is to go against the Void, Aatrox and his brother would finally turn themselves into an even greater risk to Runeterra and they were taken down only by devilish mortal sorcery. However, after being imprisoned for centuries, Aatrox was the first one setting himself free again, altering and metamorphosing those foolish enough to try and use the magical weapon that stored his essence. From now, he traverses Runeterria with the stolen flesh in a ruthless approximation of his former shape. He is searching for an apocalyptic and long late revenge.

You will know more about Aatrox champion through his abilities and stats shown in the table below. This Aatrox Champion Detail also brings you some tips on setting up the Teamfight Tactics Aatrox Team Comp.