Ahri is a vastaya in Teamfight Tactics game mode and this champion is completely bonded to the latent strength of Runeterra. Ahri champion of TFT game is able to reform magic into orbs of raw energy. She really enjoys teasing with her prey by controlling their emotions prior to absorbing their life essence. Although she has the predatory nature, she is still able to keep a sense of empathy when she gets flashes of memory from every soul she devours.

Together with Ahri’s Profile that focused on the original story of Ahri, you can also explore more about Ahri abilities and Ahri stats with the table below here to learn about the ways she inflicts her damage to the rivals and the stats she is armed with. From these stats and abilities, you will be able to set up Teamfight Tactics Ahri Team Comp to have the best Ahri team for yourself.