Explore Anivia Champion Details in Teamfight Tactics LOL game now! Teamfight Tactics Anivia Comp is known as a kind-hearted winged spirit who suffers infinite cycles of life, death, and rebirth in order to keep the Freljord safe all the time. She is a demigod originating from unappeasable ice and bitter winds. With elemental powers in her hands, she is able to obstruct anyone who disturbs her homeland. Tamfight Tactics Anivia is a leader and a defender of the tribes of the severe north. People in the tribes look up to her as the symbol of hope. She always sacrifices for the sake of the tribes. Through those scarifications, her memory will tolerate and she will be brought back to life into a brand new tomorrow.

You will know how to take control of Anivia in Teamfight Tactics LOL as well as have a better grasp of Teamfight Tactics Anivia Build, and the way to equip her with items. Besides Anivia’s Profile, don’t forget to check out other LOL Teamfight Tactics Champions.