New Teamfight Tactics Champion for you to explore! Let’s say hi to Aurelion Sol’s Profile this time to learn everything about this champion in TFT LOL mode. Each champion has its own story, and Aurelion Sol is no exception. Aurelion Sol Champion used to be glorified the huge emptiness of the universe with celestial amazements of his own devising. From now, he is compelled to employ his amazing power at the demand of a space-faraway empire that got him fooled into slavery. His desire for coming back to his star-forging ways, Aurelion Sol will pull the stars from the sky so he can take his freedom back.

Besides the story of Aurelion Sol, it’s also good for the players to check out Teamfight Tactics Aurelion abilities and stats so they will learn how to set up Teamfight Tactics Aurelion Sol Comp and have a better grasp of Teamfight Tactics Aurelion Sol Build. Let’s have a look at them below now!