Here comes another champion in Teamfight Tactics game mode. Get ready to meet Blitzcrank – a giant, almost-indestructible automaton from Zaun. You will know more about Blitzcrank via Blitzcrank’s Profile and the table showing all Blitcrank stats and abilities. First of all, let’s take a deep look at the story of this champion. Blitzcrank is from Zaun, and he was originally created to dispose of dangerous waste. Nevertheless, he didn’t find this main purpose limitless, so he decided to change his own shape to serve the weak people of Sump much better. Blitzcrank utilizes his strength and durability to keep others safe by himself, which expands a useful metal fish or burst of energy to conquer any enemies.

It will not be hard to build up Teamfight Tactics Blitcrank Team Comp if you truly already learn what stats and abilities that Blitzcrank is armed with. The table below here will show it all to you. Hope you find this helpful!