Let’s find out Darius Champion details – one of the best Teamfight Tactics Champions! Darius is also a great hero who is extremely deadly and super strong. Teamfight Tactics Darius is the most dangerous and battle-hardened commander of the nation. No one can compete with him! Emerging from modest origins to turn into the Hand of Noxus, he splits open through the rivals of the empire that are Noxians themselves. TFT Darius champion never gets suspicious on his cause and he will never pause when raising his axe. For the ones that go against the leader of the Trifarian Legion, they can expect no kindness.

In this Darius’s Profile, besides learning about his story, you can also take a look at Darius abilities and Darius stats which are all displayed in the table below. Like other Teamfight Tactics Champions, once learning the abilities and stats of Darius, you will know how powerful he is and can build up a wonderful Teamfight Tactics Darius Team Comp for yourself.