Besides Teamfight Tactics Draven Build and Comp, Draven’s Profile is something you may want to dive deeper into. The profile of this champion will let you know some basic aspects of Draven, from his story to his abilities and stats. You can take a look at Draven Champion Detail now, starting from his story. In Noxus, the warriors are acknowledged as Recknoners face off against each other in battlefields where HP is drained and power is tested, but no one has ever been honored besides Draven. Draven is known as a former soldier who found that the crowds exclusively recognized the full worth of his flair for the dramatic, and his unmatching skill with his spinning axes. Being obsessed with his own arrogant perfection, Draven has vowed to eliminate whomever he must to make sure his name and fame is forever repeated during the empire.

All stats and abilities of Draven are all listed below in the tables. You can have a look at them right now to understand more about Draven’s strength and the way he attacks enemies. Remember to learn about other LOL Teamfight Tactics Champions as well.