Elise is one of the current Teamfight Tactics Champions in-game. It’s great to check out her story and go with her during the next journey! Indeed, she used to be the mistress of a powerful place. Unfortunately, she turned into a spider-like creature from a beautiful woman after she was bitten by a vile demigod. It’s also exciting to experience Elise abilities when you take part in the tournament! Now, she becomes a formidable predator living in a shuttered, lightless palace located within a creepy ancient city of Noxus.

When the incident for TFT Elise Champion passes by, she immediately feels hungry and she is interested to lure stupid prey into her web. Note that Elise is an active character that is good at firing a cocoon and stunning the nearest enemy. Besides, she can transform without difficulty, summoning 2 Spiderlings. Further, she is longing to retain her eternal youth. So, she makes a plan to feed the naive with the faithless. It is necessary to uncover all Elise Champion details if you want to win or build something effective. Elise stats and more information will be explained clearly. Hope you enjoyed!