You may get surprised learning about the story of Evelynn – another champion in Teamfight Tactics LOL game. With this Evelynn’s Profile, she is portrayed as the demon that seeks her subsequent prey within the pitch-black seams of Runeterra. She makes use of her sensual facade of a human female to tempt her prey. As soon as a person fails to resist her fascination, the true face and the true shape of Evelynn will be released. After that, she causes her prey to be unable to speak and make herself satisfied with their pain. To the demon, these coherencies are guiltless flings, but to the rest of Runeterra, they are gruesome stories of lust that had gone awful and terrible reminders of the cost of purposeless desire.

Now, you already know the true face of Evelynn, but you may want to get more knowledge about her abilities and stats to learn how to set up a good Teamfight Tactics Evelynn Team Comp then take control of them to outmatch your opponents. There are still more other LOL Teamfight Tactics Champions waiting for you ahead, so don’t forget them!