Gangplank seems to be one of the most mysterious Teamfight Tactics Champions drawing the attention of many players. With Gangplank Champion Detail, you will truly understand what had happened to him in the past, and why he becomes like that now. No one can predict what Gangplank is up to. He is famous for his brutality and he is regarded as the dethroned reaver King who makes multiple people fear even though they are far away. Once in the past, he was the ruler of the port city of Bilgewater. Even though his sovereignty was over, the people still believed that he would become much more dangerous to this city. He got dethroned and would see that the whole city was covered in HP again before someone else could take it. Now, Gangplank with a pistol, cutlass, and barrels of gunpowder in his hands, he is fully ready to take back what he has lost.

The abilities and stats of Gangplank below here will help you build up your own Teamfight Tactics Gangplank Team Comp. After learning this Gangplank’s Profile, be sure to check out the profiles of other TFT champions too!