With Gnar Champion Detail, you will have a better understanding of Gnar – a wonderful yet terrifying champion in Teamfight Tactics game mode of League of Legends. You may have read about Teamfight Tactics Gnar Build and Comp already, but now, you will spend time researching on Gnar’s profile to learn about his story, his abilities, and his stats. Being known as an ancient yordle that has playful antics that are able to burst into a rage of a toddler instantly. This will turn him into a very giant beast misshapened on destruction. Being frozen in True Ice for millennia, this curious beast has set himself free and now he will take a leap into an altered world where he finds wondrous and exotic. Gnar is fond of danger, and he can toss anything he can at the opponents, which could be his bonetooth boomerang or a certain nearby building.

Similar to other LOL Teamfight Tactics Champions, Gnar also makes the most use of his abilities and upgrade his stats to outmatch the opponents as the game progresses. Find out his stats and abilities in the table here.