Are you ready for TFT Kai’Sa champion in your team? Kai’Sa will be a new champion showing up in TFT. Unlike other Teamfight Tactics champions, this one is known as both Ranger and Assassin, also, she is expected to become a Void unit.

According to some notes done by TFT Dev Mortdog, Kai’Sa will be armed with a lower base AD stat, however, she will also own the highest attack speed. Kai’Sa is a kind of like a special champion when she belongs to two classes, and the first one is Gangplank.

Basic stats of TFT Kai’Sa Champion

If you want to complete Kai’Sa champion build, you’d better have a good grasp of all her basic stats that are mentioned below here:

  • Class: Ranger & Assassin
  • Origin: Void
  • Ability: Kai’Sa is able to rush past the further foe, earning herself a shield and a fast attack speed for a few seconds.
  • Cost: 5

Since Kai’Sa belongs to two classes, Kai’Sa items will become pretty diverse since you can equip her with a wide range of items for the battles. Teamfight Tactics Kai’Sa will have an update to the Void too. After these changes, and once you have had two Void units, one of them can help you dish out much damage. But, if you obtain up to four Void units, then all of them will definitely deal true damage.

The changes for Kai’Sa champion and Void will be out with the remaining TFT Patch 9.19. You will get access to the changes on the PBE server.