Besides other LOL Teamfight Tactics Champions, Karthus is also a champion that has an impressive debut in Teamfight Tactics game. Karthus Champion Detail will explain to you everything about Karthus champion, from the story to the stats and abilities. Teamfight Tactics Karthus is the sign of the forgetness. Karthus is an endless spirit with many haunting songs that are regarded as an opening to the fright of his nightmarish appearance. The people are afraid of the infinity of undeath, but Karthus don’t see that way. He only feels the beauty and purity in its embrace, which is an excellent combination of life and death. When Karthus rises from the Shadow Isles, he will bring the joy of death to human beings, and apostle of the dead.

Learning about Teamfight Tactics Karthus Build, Teamfight Tactics Karthus Comp as well as how to equip your Karthus with items in TFT is also very crucial. You can check out all stats and abilities of Karthus below here.