Teamfight Tactics Katarina will be the next champion for you to discover. As you know, LOL Teamfight Tactics Champions are so diverse with different stories, abilities, and stats. With Katarina’s Profile, you will know the roots of Katarina and find out what stats and abilities that she is armed with in the game. From there, you can get more tips about Teamfight Tactics Katarina Build and Teamfight Tactics Katarina Team Comp. No more denying, Katarina is actually a Noxian assassin of the highest quality when she is extremely decisive in making a judgment and very deadly in combat. Katarina is the eldest daughter of the legendary General Du Couteau. She is famous for her fast kills against surprising opponents. Her eager ambition is the driving force to let her chase the targets that are well protected, which even poses a threat to her comrades. However, no matter what the mission she takes on, she will not be hesitant to carry out her duty surrounded by serrated daggers.

The stats and abilities that Katarina carries in TFT game will help you know how to deal with enemies and how to equip items on this character. Check them out!