Are you ready for Kennen’s Profile? If you are interested in this Teamfight Tactics Champion, you must check out all Kennen Champion details to have a true grasp of this champion. Let’s start with the wonderful story of Kennen! Not only being known as the lightning-quick enforcer of Ionian balance, but Kennen is also the solely yordle member of the Kinkou. Although he does not own a giant appearance, he is very longing for taking on any danger using plenty of shurikens. He has a master named Shen, he will stick with his master to guard the spirit territory by using destructive electrical energy to take down his opponents.

Besides reading the story of Kennen, it is also good to explore his stats and abilities so you will have basic pieces of knowledge about this guy to help you build Teamfight Tactics Kennen Comp! Let’s take look at the table below for more!