Teamfight Tactics Lissandra champion has a terrible story about how she uses her power to crush all enemies who oppose her. If this champion is in your team, you should explore Lissandra Champion Details right now to understand this powerful magic champion. With the magic of Lissandra, the pure power of ice will be brutally twisted into something that is very dark and dreadful. Being armed with the power of the black ice, she will do more than just freeze. The ones that oppose her will be cruelling impaled and crushed. To the residents of the terrified north, Lissandra is known as “The Ice Witch”. The truth is even more frightening to know: Lissandra is a naturally untrustworthy person that has the scheme to release an ice age on the world. 

That’s all for the basic story in Lissandra’s Profile. Moving on, you will have a look at Lissandra Abilities and Lissanda Stats in the table below to get more useful information on her stats and how she uses her abilities to damage the enemies.