With Lucian’s Profile in Teamfight Tactics game mode, you will understand how cruel and powerful Lucian has become. The story of this Teamfight Tactics champion starts with the avenge of his dead wife. Lucian used to be a Sentinel of Light, and now he becomes a ferocious hunter of eternal spirits, chasing them without ceasing and eliminating them all using his twin relic pistols. Due to the need for avenging his dead wife, nothing can stop him, but until he meets Thresh – the specter that keeps her soul, he gets defeated. Lucian is very cruel and single-minded, so he will not let anything get in the path of this vengeance. By using an enormous barrage of magical gunfire, he will be able to blow away any foes or any foolish things around him.

Besides the mentioned story above, you can know more about this champion through his abilities and stats, then use them as a premise to create your own Teamfight Tactics Lucian Team Comp.