Lulu is one of the best Teamfight Tactics Champions with an exclusive story. To know more about Lulu, you are recommended to read through Lulu’s Profile. Lulu – the yordle mage is very famous for creating dreamlike illusions and fantastic creatures when she wanders around Runeterra with her adorable fairy companion – Pix. Lulu is always excited about the adventures awaiting her ahead. She forms reality on a whim, which bends the structure of the world, and what she views as the limitations of this mundane, physical territory. Although other players may regard that her magic is at best unnatural and at worst risky, she still believes that all people would be able to use a touch of charm.

Find out Lulu abilities and Lulu stats in the table below! Lulu is also a very strong champion that has her unique ways to dish out damage to her foes. Check them out!