Are you ready for Teamfight Tactics Pantheon Champion? With the latest League of Legends announcement on Twitter, you can have a glimpse of some first images of Pantheon. Accordingly, Teamfight Tactics Pantheon will have several discrepant points promising to bring a new image of Pantheon to all players. Teamfight Tactics Pantheon release date has been scheduled, which is expected on August 28th, 2019, coinciding with the release of League of Legends version 9.17.

Teamfight Tactics Pantheon Details

With this short Teamfight Tactics Pantheon Guide below, you will slightly have a small grasp of how to use Pantheon in Teamfight Tactics game. As mentioned above, Pantheon in TFT game mode is completely different. Specifically, with the ultimate Comet Spear, Pantheon will be turned into a fire dragon and plunge into the battle, dealing wide area damage. This ability can help Pantheon dish out a very huge amount of damage.

This is also one of the Teamfight Tactics Champions brought into Teamfight Tactics game with PBE server. You have to use 5 gold to purchase Pantheon that belongs to Teamfight Tactics Dragon and Guardian. With the unique ability called Grand Skyfall, Teamfight Tactics Pantheon will change into a dangerous Dragon while advancing his abilities.

Pantheon is such a dangerous and a terrible Tanker with a very large amount of armor together with the powerful magic resistance thanks to the effect of the Origin and Class. If you equip him with Rabadon’s Deathcap or Luden’s Echo, he is able to inflict a very enormous amount of damage.

About Teamfight Tactics Pantheon Build, Pantheon can cooperate well with other Teamfight Tactics Champions that belong to Dragon list, such as Shyvana and Aurelion Sol. In the forthcoming time, it is possible for Pantheon to create a new team comp in TFT game mode: Dragon + Guardian.

At the moment, the team comp Dragon and Shapeshifter is getting very hot and popular when combining the Gnar and Shyvana together. If you have a Pantheon or another Guardian, Shyvana or Aurelion Sol will be even more deadly.

It is expected that Teamfight Tactics Pantheon release date will be on August 28th, 2019, which is the same release date as League of Legends version 9.17