Teamfight Tactics Poppy Champion is one of the strongest yordles of Runeterra. Besides other LOL Teamfight Tactics Champions, Poppy is one of them who can make others fear due to her unmatching strength. In Poppy’s Profile, you will look into the story of Poppy and find out some unique Poppy Champion Details to understand more about this champion. There are plenty of valiant champions in Runeterra, but very few champions are as strong as Poppy. Poppy is known as a determined yordle who always carries the legendary hammer of Orlon – a kind of weapon that is twice bigger than her. She has spent multiple years seeking the secret of the fabled “Hero of Demacia”. Until she powerfully charges into the fight and uses her strength tor repel the enemies of the kingdom with powerful whirling strikes.

Lots of people will want to own the perfect Teamfight Tactics Poppy Team Comp for themselves. But it is also very important to check out some abilities and stats of Poppy so you can know how to combine them to attack enemies.