Are you ready to check out Pyke’s Profile that focuses on Pyke champion in Teamtight Tactics game? Surely, you always have options for picking the Teamfight Tactics champions for your team, and Pyke is also a good choice for you. With Pyke Champion Details, you will know more about him. Pyke is a famous harpooner from the slaughter docks of Bilgewater. He should have met a sticky end in the belly of a large jaull-fish, and yet, he came back. Now, when he tracks down the dank alleys with backways of his previous hometown, he utilizes his brand new supernatural gifts to bring a fast and terrible end to anyone making their fortune by taking advantage of others and a city that is proud of hunting monsters by itself will now see a monster that hunts them.

Teamfight Tactics Pyke guide also deeply focuses on Pyke abilities and Pyke stats that are all shown in the table below. Let’s check them out right now!