Teamfight Tactics Rek’Sai champion is known as a top predator in Teamfight Tactics. If you are looking for a new champion other than Teamfight Tactics champions, then Rek’Sai can be an ideal choice for you as she will use her exclusive abilities to help you defeat all enemies. From Rek’Sai’s Profile, you will know that she is a ruthless Void-spawn coming from beneath the ground to attack enemies in a surprising way and absorb unaware prey. Due to her uncontrollable hunger, the whole regions of the once-great empire of Shurima has gone wasteful, from merchants, traders, to armed caravans, they all reach hundreds of miles out of their way just to dodge Rek’Sai as well as the hunting bases of her offspring. People learn that as soon as Rek’Sai is spotted on the horizon, death will rise above from beneath the grounds.

Explore Rek’Shai abilities and stats in the table below so you will know what abilities she will use to cope with the foes as well as what stats you need to upgrade for her.