Teamfight Tactics Sejuani Guide focuses on the roots of Sejuani – a champion in Teamfight Tactics LOL game. All of her story, abilities, and stats will be strongly reflected through Sejuani’s Profile. It’s very important to have a look at Sejuani Champion Detail if you want to set up Teamfght Tactics Sejuani Team Comp. The profile starts with a nice story about Sejuani who is known as the merciless and unrelenting Iceborn war mother of the Winter’s Claw – one of the most terrible tribes of the Freljord. The survival of people here remains a hopeless fight when they keep having to go against the elements, and they are forced to attack Noxians, Demacians, and Avarosans alike to get through the severe winters. Sejuani herself leads the most perilous of these raids from the saddle of her drüvask boar Bristle, making use of her True Ice flail to solidify and break her opponents.

Now, to know how Sejuani handles her abilities to dish out damage to her opponents, you should take a look at her stats and abilities via the table below. You will truly understand the way you play Sejuani Teamfight Tactics, the way you form Sejuani team and how to equip the items to her in TFT.