With Shen Champion Details, you will easily gain better knowledge about this Teamtight Tactics Champion. TFT game mode features a wide range of champions for players to pick and deploy in the battles, and Shen is one of the hottest picks for you. Shen’s Profile mainly focuses on his story, abilities, and stats. Shen is known as the leader of the Ionian warriors known as the Kinkou, and Shen has also nicknamed the Eye of Twilight. He is longing for staying free from the bewilderment of emotion, prejudice, ego wand walking the invisible path of unemotional judgment between the spirit territory and the physical world. Shen takes on the mission of carrying out the balance between them. He utilizes blades of steel and arcane energy to go against anyone that would threaten it.

Moving on, you will approach Shen abilities and Shen stats that are all shown and summarized in the table below. Learning these stats and abilities, you will know how powerful Shen is when he deals with enemies.