Shyvana Champion Detail focuses on the original story of Shyvana – a magical creature that can burn all enemies using her firey breath. You may know that LOL Teamfight Tactics all champions have diverse and different special abilities, and Shyvana is no exception. Shyvana is known as a creature that is armed with the magic of a rune shard always burning within her heart. Although she often has a human-like appearance, she is able to appear in the real shape of a scary dragon, burning her enemies with fiery breath. After rescuing the Crown Prince’s life – Jarvan IV, Shyvana now serves anxiously in his faithful guard and she is fighting to search for the acceptance and the belief among the doubted people of Demacia.

To have a better grasp of Shyvana, in this Teamfight Tactics Shyvana Guide, you can also find out Shyvana abilities and stats so you will know more about her and learn the ways she attacks her foes.