Among Teamfight Tactics Champions, Twisted Fate may be the champion who has an extraordinary story. Rather than a good hero like other ones, Teamfight Tactics Twisted Fate becomes an infamous cardsharp and a fraud gambling and enchanting his way throughout much of the known world, gaining the resentment and appreciation of the wealthy and foolish alike. It’s very rare for him to be serious to things. He always says hello to every new day with a mocking smile and a nonchalant swagger. Twisted Fate champion has a secret skill that gives him an advantage all the time.

Not only the story, but you can also check out Twisted Fate abilities and stats in this Twisted Fate’s Profile. Once learning what abilities and stats he is armed with, you will know the way he attacks enemies and you can create a great Teamfight Tactics Twisted Fate Team Comp for you. Let’s explore them now!