Explore another Teamfight Tactics Champion called Varus! The whole Varus’s Profile is finally exposed, containing Varus’s story, abilities, and stats. Teamfight Tactics Varus champion is one of the ancient Darkins and an extremely dangerous killer that loved to torture his opponents. Varus would make them go insane before dishing out the killing arrow to them. Varus ended up in jail at the end of the Great Darkin War, but then he got away centuries later and came back in the remade flesh of two Ionian hunters, which means that they had set him free unknowingly. They were cursed to bring the bow storing the bound essence of Varus. From now, Varus will go search for the ones that got him trapped to perform his ruthless vengeance. However, the mortal souls within him will still refrain him from making each step.

To learn how to make your Varus much stronger than ever, you’re highly recommended to have a good grasp of Varus abilities and stats displayed in the table below.