Veigar is yet another champion you can control and play in LOL Teamfight Tactics. Before using this champion, make sure you explore Veigar’s Profile to understand his story, his origins as well as his skills. Veigar is an amazing Teamfight Tactics Champion that is famous for excellent powers that very few human beings dare to get close. He is also known as a very passionate master of dark sorcery. After becoming a resident of Bandle City with a free spirit, he is desired out going beyond the limitations of yordle magic and instead, changing into arcane texts hidden away for thousands of years. For now, as a strong-willed creature that has an infinite passion for the mysteries of the universe, others usually underestimate Veigar. Although he does believe that he is an evil one by himself, he still owns an inner morality that may make some wonder about his deeper motivations.

Below here are Teamfight Tactics Veigar abilities and Veigar stats. Check them to learn how strong Veigar is and how he deals damage to the opponents.