Volibear champion in Teamfight Tactics game mode can make you feel like he is a very powerful bear with unique abilities. And that’s so true to know! With Volibear’s Profile, you will know how he becomes strong like that. Volibear is known as the thunderous demigod with a nickname – Thousand-Pierced Bear – the battle-spirit of the Freljord. Volibear had spent many years fighting in the coldest winters when the constant wars kept going on in the world. Due to that, he has gradually turned into a truly invincible force, tossing bolts of lightning from the highest tops. When snowy storms get angry, it means that Volibear is able to attack enemies once again.

This is the short Teamfight Tactics Volibear Guide containing Volibear abilities and Volibear stats. You can check them out in the table below to have a grasp of how he destroys enemies as well as learn how to build your Teamfight Tactics Volibear Team Comp.