Besides other LoL Teamfight Tactics Champions, Teamfight Tactics Zed is also a great pick for players. You should have a deeper look at Zed’s Profile to know more about this champion who is believed to be extremely strong, ruthless, and dictatorial. Teamfight Tactics Zed Champion is known as the leader of the Order of Shadow. He is completely cruel and merciless. The Order of Shadow is an organization that he established with the purpose of militarizing the magical and martial traditions of Ionia so he can expel all Noixian intruders. Throughout the war, the secret shadow form has been exposed due to the despair of Zed. It was known as malicious spirit magic which was very dangerous just like its strength. TFT Zed Champion has become proficient in all these taboo techniques to demolish anything that he considers as a risk to his nation or his new order.

You cannot create a perfect Teamfight Tactics Zed Comp without learning about Zed Abilities and Zed Stats. So now, you should have a look at the table below that shows all the abilities and stats of Zed