Teamfight Tactics strategy is a free game within League of Legends featuring a wide range of amazing things for players to explore. There are conflicting opinions that Teamfight Tactics is a game based on Dota Chess when it has somewhat similar gameplay. Nevertheless, Teamfight Tactics strategy still has its place when concentrating on exploiting battles that force players to combine units and use them smartly to earn a lot of good results after each battle. Players have to predict what the opponents will do, so they can strategize your moves to outplay them.

With this Teamfight Tactics guide below, you will understand how to earn a huge amount of XP for yourself, how to level up your rank in battles, as well as how to improve your units. After learning the guide, you will find it much easier to overcome the challenges and the toughness of Teamfight Tactics.

A useful guide on getting XP and leveling up in Teamfight Tactics

Your level is the essence of your team’s strength, and it straightly has an influence on the number of units you can possess on the board as well as the likelihood of being provided with units that are much rarer. Gaining XP in Teamfight Tactics will be done in two ways: the 2XP automatically given to you in every round, and the 4XP boost you are able to buy for 4 gold.

The two XP a turn is kind of sufficient for a not-active progression in most of the game. However, there are still several points in Teamfight Tactics where you can earn yourself a big advantage if you spend a little extra. At any point in the game, you should definitely spend your money when you are 4XP away from increasing level.

For every level you obtain, even until level 9 – the maximum level in Teamfight Tactics, you will be able to have an extra unit on the board. Therefore, you should try not to be late in leveling up, or else your firepower will be grown slowly. Being outnumbered is such a disaster in the game. You should spend some gold to dodge a notable dent in your HP.

This means that the likelihood to earn strong champions is significantly decreased. You are unable to get rare, epic, and legendary champions until you can get to a certain level. When you finally get to that level, the opportunity to obtain those champions will develop the higher level you are. Always pay attention to your level as well as invest in XP so you can easily generate an excellent team.

When will you have to upgrade your units in Teamfight Tactics?

Keep your units frequently upgraded in Teamfight Tactics for more strength

Having 1-star champions in your team will not help you survive long in Teamfight Tactics. If you want to progress further, even to the late game, you must keep your units upgraded. When a unit is upgraded, its damage and health will be also strongly improved. You should ensure that your units have a higher level than your enemy’s units in order to get an upper hand on them.

If you purchase all three Graves, you can merge them into a 2-star Graves in Teamfight Tactics strategy
If you purchase all three Graves, you can merge them into a 2-star Graves in Teamfight Tactics strategy

You have to have 3 1-star champions if you want to make a 2-star version, and you must have 3 2-star champions for making it 3 stars. If you want to improve a unit completely, you will have to get 9 of the same champion, and this can be a pricey effort for those at high rarities because the influence of a 3-star champion can be not compared to the level one. Also, the power of a 3-star rare or even higher champion can be very large in order to help your team triumph all over the enemy team.

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