Teamfight Tactics Guide: List of Champions Stats

Here comes the Teamfight Tactics Champion Stats Guide! With this new guide, you will learn all champions and their stats that they carry in Teamfight Tactics League of Legends. Learning all Teamfight Tactics Champions base stats will help you know how strong your champions are and you can take advantage of their strength to finish off your opponents.

LoL TFT Champion Stats List

With this Champion Stats List in Teamfight Tactics LOL, you will know how the stats work and what they are used for. Each champion is provided with 8 base stats, including Health, Attack Range, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Ability Power, Armor, Magic Resist, and Mana.

  • Health: The amount of damage that a champion can take before they have been taken down.
  • Attack Range: The distance that a champion should reach when trying to attack a rival
  • Attack Damage: The amount of damage a champion can dish out.
  • Attack Speed: How often a champion assaults.
  • Ability Power: How powerful a champion’s ability is.
  • Armor: Decrease the amount of damage that a champion consumes from enemy attacks.
  • Magic Resist: Decrease the amount of damage that a champion can receive from abilities.
  • Mana: Defines how often a champion is able to cast their ability (the smaller the mana stat is, the lower the ability will cost, allowing the champions to cast more frequently)
    • The Teamfight Tactics champions usually begin a fight with a blank mana bar and this bar will be filled up gradually when the champions attack and take damage.
    • The champions will utilize their ability automatically when the mana bar is filled.
    • Some champions possess constant passive abilities that don’t utilize mana and they work all the time.