Are you ready for brutal battles in Teamfight Tactics – a new game mode in League of Legends? Teamfight Tactics (aka TFT for short) is known as an autobattler game mode that was first released on June 10, 2019, commenced to be accessible on PBE on June 18, 2019, and finally accessible on live server on June 25-28, 2019. Teamfight Tactics strategy promises to be an excellent game mode in which players can hire strong champions, and take control of them to fight against other rivals for a chance of becoming the last man standing.

Teamfight Tactics is not a very difficult game to master, but you will not be able to progress further without checking out Teamfight Tactics guide. All newbies are highly recommended to learn all basic guides about the game so they can have a better grasp of it, especially in terms of Teamfight Tactics features, Teamfight Tactics items, Teamfight Tactics tier list, and so forth. Right now, let’s take a deep dive into a detailed guide on how to earn gold as well as how to use it in Teamfight Tactics!

Useful tips on getting gold and spending it in Teamfight Tactics

Gold is a very important element in Teamfight Tactics, and it’s much more important to learn how to earn gold in the game. As you know, establishing a strong economy is a significant aspect of Auto battlers. Making money is not hard! There are some ways you can follow to raise your money. First of all, you must learn that you will earn a certain amount of gold after each round regardless of winning or losing. This is the basic you can get, and you should know that you will always get more gold in plenty of situations. You get an amount of gold based on your current level. Therefore, you’d better level up yourself for making more money.

The essence of your economy is interest which is a nice reward for you after accumulating a huge amount of gold. If you accumulate each 10 gold, you will earn an extra one gold, and after reaching 50, you will earn 5 extra gold.

This additional 5 gold a turn is very significant. Basically, it pays for a free XP purchase for every turn, which enables you to increase your level without difficulties. Because the money has an influence on your performance, when you are in the mid-game, you must achieve 50 gold as fast as possible.

Passive Income, Interest, Win/Loss Streak in Teamfight Tactics
Passive Income, Interest, Win/Loss Streak in Teamfight Tactics

Regardless of the result, winning or losing in succession in Teamfight Tactics strategy, you will always earn bonus gold, which is regarded as a reward for your great performance or this can give you a hand to return to the game. With these streaks, you can get 3 gold per turn, and this is such a useful way to upgrade your economy. If you want, you can lose the games to accumulate a losing streak for quick cash. However, you must be careful! If you lose too much while you don’t sacrifice your health, it will be very difficult to balance. You would find that you are too weak to win a battle.

Teamfight Tactics champions can be bought and sold. Depending on their rarity, the champions will have different prices. You will spend one gold on the common champions, two gold on uncommon champions, three gold on the rare ones, four gold on the epic ones, and five gold on the legendary ones.

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