Knowing how to build the perfect Teamfight Tactics Team Comps in accordance with every Teamfight Tactics update is not still enough to help you level up your rank. To do this, you must also learn some strategies and tips to win in Ranked Teamfight Tactics. It’s so important to find out everything about ranked mode in Teamfight Tactics, but it will be even more crucial if you already have some tips for yourself to level up your rank during the course of the combat. Below here are some good tips that help you grow your rank easily in Teamfight Tactics Download!

Useful tips to win and rank up in Teamfight Tactics LOL

Pay attention to your HP

Always Keep An Eye On The Amount Of Your HP Throughout TFT Match
Always Keep An Eye On The Amount Of Your HP Throughout TFT Match

In Teamfight Tactics LOL, if you lose to a round, a certain amount of your HP will be gone. When you progress further into the fight, the amount of HP will be lost even more. Make sure you always keep an eye on your HP during the course of the battle and try not to lose much.

In case you have lost too much HP after several matches, you should invest in upgrading your Teamfight Tactics champions in your team. Try not to save money much, or else you will lose to the whole combat.

Pay attention to your enemy team comp

Learn The Location Of The Primary Champion In The Enemy Team In TFT Game

You will have a higher chance of winning if you pay attention to the chessboard of your challenger. When you do know the enemy team compositions, you will definitely have some ways to counter it or at least protect yourself first. There are several tips you can use when observing your challenger, including:

  • Blitzcrank – a powerful and long-handed champion that is able to pull a competitor that is at the furthest distance. If you know the location of the primary champion of the enemy team, you can let Blitzcrank pull the enemies in the easiest way.
  • On the other hand, when learning that your challenger also has Blitzcrank that is waiting, you should change the position of your main champion. Make sure you dodge being controlled and unable to do anything
  • More than that, if Teamfight Tactics Hextech champion is in the team, let them stand apart, but make sure they are not too far apart because the main carrier will not be well protected.
  • Another tip you can use to counter Hextech is to add small items to unimportant champions in the team. By doing so, Hextech will aim at those champions, and the main carrier will still receive the effect from the items and just simply deal damage.
  • Also, if the enemy team comp consists of these champions, such as Cho’Gath, Draven, or Jinx, the chances for you to get those champions are pretty low. This is the moment you should change the tactics for your team.

Adapt yourself to the circumstances

You already have aimed at a dreamy team comp from the beginning of the match, and you just stick to that team comp, regardless of how bad the situation is in the game. It will become worse if you use your money just to build a team that you like.

If you make a decision on building your favorite team, you may have trouble because you will need to adapt yourself to the circumstances that are happening in Teamfight Tactics game download. If your dignity is good, you can get what you want, if not, you will have to change your team.

Teamfight Tactics Noble Team Comp is a good example here. You are owning 5 Noble champions but you have no Kayle, instead, you have unrelated champions like Astrox, Draven. In this case, it is possible that Teamfight Tactics LOL game wants you to change to another team.

Build A Suitable Team With Necessary Champions In TFT Game
Build A Suitable Team With Necessary Champions In TFT Game

Therefore, from now on, make sure you find some ways to change your Teamfight Tactics Team Comp, wipe out unessential champions and attempt to build the strongest team possible based on your dignity. Don’t try to stick to a lineup that you want!

That’s all for the tips for those who want to rank up in TFT game. You are recommended to explore Teamfight Tactics Ranked Guide and learn more about Teamfight Tactics Strategy for a better chance of winning. To sum up, all you need to do is to observe the opposing team comps and do not try to follow the lineup that you want. You should simply use what your dignity brings, definitely, you will achieve high rankings in Teamfight Tactics Download.

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