As in TFT Set 2: Rise of the Elements, players will have to learn about origins with other information revolved around dressing up or down, etc. so they can own the strongest team comps. If you love the latest Teamfight Tactics set and you are looking for the solution for the same problem, you can check the following details.

The most awesome team comps in TFT Set 3: Galaxies (Patch 10.6)

TFT Set 3: Galaxies
TFT Set 3: Galaxies

Teamfight Tactics Set 3 is called Galaxies. In which, you can fight against lots of hostile space pirates. However, it is not easy to take over the leaderboard. Don’t worry! The list that you receive right now will help you achieve the goal easily.

1. Teamfight Tactics: Dark Star Shaco

TFT Dark Star Shaco
TFT Dark Star Shaco

It is one of the coolest TFT team comps that we want to introduce to you. It uses the Dark Star synergy and beefs up Shaco so he can remove the opposite units with 1 shot. Getting Shaco 3 will be suitable because he will become the main carry.

When to build Dark Star Shaco in TFT game:

  • You should find a good Dark Star opener or early Shacos. With less gold in Set 3, forcing comps is not simple. Further, get enough B.F. Swords to collect Shaco gear.

How to build TFT Dark Star Shaco:

It is the plan that you can go after if you wish to embark on TFT strategy the game.

  • Early game: Jarvan and Mordekaiser will make the frontline be solid. Caitlyn will offer decent dmg.
  • Mid game: Please transit into 6 Dark Stars or optimize other synergies such as the protector or vanguard to load your team!


  • Shaco looks like Kha’Zix (set 2) but in a 3-star package.
  • You can utilize whatever for Shaco, for example, Spear of Shojin, Dragon’s Claw, Bloodthirster, B.F. Sword, Tear of the Goddess, and Negatron Cloak.

2. Teamfight Tactics: Cybernetic

TFT Cybernetic
TFT Cybernetic

Dissimilar Dark Star Shaco, TFT Cybernetics in Teamfight Tactics Update 10.6 are given a great bonus of having extra health and dmg by keeping at least one object. With 6 Cybernetics, the bonus stats will increase.

When to make TFT Cybernetic:

  • You can begin when you gather Cybernetic units or an Irelia. Recurve Bows and B.F. Swords will fit them.

How to build Teamfight Tactics Cybernetic:

Play Teamfight Tactics Download game you can construct TFT Cybernetic from the order below.

  • Early game: Distribute your pieces carefully between Cybernetics, especially Lucian, (Vi, Lucian, Fiora, Leona)
  • Mid game: Create the most synergies as you can (Vanguard/Blademaster) while awaiting Ekko


  • Cybernetic units will work well with only one item. But, do not place too many on cheap units like Fiona and Leona! Do not ignore finding a modern Leona or Fiona before putting anything on someone else in late-game!
  • Lucian can fulfill his task in the mid-game with 1 item to bring back a winning streak before you have Irelia.
  • It’s difficult to look for Ekko since he’s a 5 cost unit! Opt for the others, for instance, Blademasters or Vanguards first.
  • Kayle: Guinsoo’s Rageblade
  • Irelia: Guardian Angel

3. TFT Mech Pilot – Infiltrator Team Comp

TFT Mech Pilot - Infiltrator
TFT Mech Pilot – Infiltrator

With the appearance of two Teamfight Tactics builds above, you can continue your journey with Mech Pilot – Infiltrator. It is a Slow Roll party so you are asked to save 50 Gold and only pick the profit to roll per round and have a 3-star champion before you hit Level 7.

When to form TFT Mech Pilot – Infiltrator:

  • Prepare for spending a lot of money! Annie and Kai’Sa must be found initially.

How to build Mech Pilot – Infiltrator:

Identical what you read, we will point out two steps to do that in TFT Set 3.

  • Early game: Just feed Kha’Zix!
  • Mid game: With Fizz, you will not lose too much gold. Roll slowly later to upgrade champions and finish your squad when reaching 3 stars for a general.


  • Simply up to Level 7 while joining TFT comp builder when you attain 3 stars for Annie or for Kai’Sa before Shaco or Rumble
  • Infiltrators will jump into the enemies at the backline.
  • Do not skip Kayle and Fizz!
  • Replace Kha’Zix with Ekko!
  • Annie: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel, Quicksilver
  • Shaco: Bloodthirster, Spear of Shojin
  • Kai’Sa: Thief’s Gloves

4. TFT Vanguard – Valkyrie Team Comp

TFT Vanguard - Valkyrie
TFT Vanguard – Valkyrie

It is involved in using Kayle as the main carrier in the existing Teamfight Tactics team comps. It will act more effectively except for Infiltrators.

When to kick off Vanguard – Valkyrie in TFT:

  • At the moment TFT Set 3 Patch 10.6 release date is launched, you can drop frontline champions to shape that crew. It’s ideal if you obtain Kayle or Guinsoo’s Rageblade soon.

How to link TFT Vanguard – Valkyrie:

  • Early game: Jayce, Mordekaiser, Poppy, and Leona are befitting. Besides, you can single out other buffs.
  • Mid game: Have a steady frontline of Vanguards and a strong backline, Ashe and Caitlyn can be a replacement


  • The central position is not fine for Ashe when she will be captured while moving forward. She has a shorter shooting range.
  • Kayle’s strength is from skills not speed. Give her proper equipment!
  • You can put Kai’Sa instead of Miss Fortune to support Kayle.
  • Kayle: Guardian Angel, Guinsoo’s Rageblade
  • Miss Fortune: Thief’s Gloves

5. TFT Sorcerer – Mech Pilot Team Comp

TFT Sorcerer - Mech
TFT Sorcerer – Mech

Your power in the popular TFT game will be boosted up when you connect Sorcerers with Mech Pilots. Try to hold Morellonomicon and champions from the Demolitionist class to overtake!

When to carry out the team Sorcerer – Mech Pilot:

  • If you acquire a Fizz or Rumble, you can produce the lineup faster. You can add Sorcerers subsequently.

How to build TFT Sorcerer – Mech Pilot:

  • Early game: Accumulate Ziggs as many as possible and send them to the arena because they are the key to put up Super Mech. The sorcerer can match Annie. Specifically, decide on Ahri, Zoe, Ziggs, and Annie.
  • Mid game: Assemble a Super Mech by seeking Fizz and Rumble!


Super Mech is one of the unique Teamfight Tactics items. Do not grant Fizz, Rumble, and Annie with too many devices! Pay attention to Syndra as a sub carry!

Rumble: Guardian Angel, Quicksilver, Jeweled Gauntlet

6. TFT Team Comp Guide with Star Guardian – Sorcerer

TFT Star Guardian - Sorcerer
TFT Star Guardian – Sorcerer

Star Guardian from Teamfight Tactics Galaxies will cause Syndra to be the main carry of the team. She can cast spells constantly and toss spheres multiple times when she is gotten the mana supporting gear.

When to develop Star Guardian – Sorcerer:

  • Occupy numerous Star Guardians and Tear of the Goddess at the start of the game

How to build Star Guardian – Sorcerer:

  • Early game: Some Sorcerer and other buffs are enough, ex., Poppy, Ahri, Zoe, Syndra/Mordekaiser.
  • Mid game: Focus on hunting for 6 Star Guardians and Level 7&8 legends


  • Syndra: Jeweled Gauntlet, Seraph’s Embrace to enhance her energy and Chalice Of Favor to assist allies, deploy 2 2-star Syndras to win easier!
  • Vel’Koz can be replaced by Lux and Karma will be for Lulu.

7. A special TFT Team Comp with 6 Sorcerers

TFT 6 Sorcerers
TFT 6 Sorcerers

Miss Fortune one of the Teamfight Tactics Rarities can drain the competitor’s blood significantly when she is helped by buffs of Sorcerers. Aurelion Sol and Gangplank are deadly guys in late-game.

When to build 6 Sorcerers:

  • Just gain 1 Miss Fortune, Gangplank or Aurelion Sol! Otherwise, you must earn Gold and unlock Level 8!

How to organize a gang of 6 Sorcerers:

  • Early game: Annie is a reasonable option. (Annie, Ahri, Ziggs, Zoe)
  • Mid game: Unleash 6/4 Sorcerers into the map with a few Tankers, depending on what you possess. (Annie, Ahri, Zoe, Twisted Fate, Syndra, Lux)


  • Gold plays a crucial role to buy Miss Fortune 2-star and improve her.
  • The current team comp can change into Star Guardian – Sorcerer if you do not have enough 6.
  • Miss Fortune and Aurelion Sol can be used after Gangplank and Vel’Koz.
  • Miss Fortune: Seraph’s Embrace, Jeweled Gauntlet
  • Aurelion Sol: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel

8. Brawler – Blaster – An exciting TFT Team Comp

TFT Brawler - Blaster
TFT Brawler – Blaster

It may be the best Teamfight Tactics Team Comp 10.6 guide for Brawler-Blaster. It can remind you of Jinx-Brawler in TFT Set 1.

When to build Brawler-Blaster:

  • Do not forget to equip the main carry with Recurve Bow and B.F. Sword!

How to complete the Brawler-Blaster team comp:

  • Early game: 2 Brawlers + any Blaster (Malphite, Blitz, Lucian, Ezreal)
  • Mid game: 4 Brawlers and pick Jinx if she is available


  • When you give Zephyr to Blitzcrank, you can grab the second farthest foe.
  • Locate Blitzcrank near Jinx
  • Graves can be chosen before Miss Fortune
  • Provide Miss Fortune with a Morellonomicon or a Quicksilver
  • Jinx: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge
  • Cho’Gath: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel

9. Teamfight Tactics Rebel

TFT Rebel
TFT Rebel

Rebel is an incredible team comp in Teamfight Tactics game. It will enhance the possibility of charging and the blood shield for champions. It will have Master Yi or Yasuo be the key carr until Aurelion Sol is found out.

It’s vital to unfasten Level 8 to build the Rebel because it can get weaker in late-game when you don’t take Aurelion Sol!

When to model TFT Rebel Team Comp:

  • You can participate in your mission if you spot a certain number of Rebel champs ahead of time.

How to establish TFT Rebel team:

  • Early game: Keep an eye on TFT champions with stable skills, you can assign Annie to manage the frontline. (Ziggs, Yasuo, Malphite, Annie)
  • Mid game: Direct 6 Rebels on the ring or 4/5 champs with a Blademaster. (Ziggs, Yasuo, Master Yi, Malphite, Jinx, Sona)


  • Level up (8) if you save more 70 HP at the Wolf round.
  • Master Yi will wield the magic support equipment for Aurelion Sol. Set down generals wisely so they will net buff from Rebel!
  • Aurelion Sol: Guardian Angel, Morellonomicon
  • Yasuo: Guardian Angel, Hand of Justice

10. Teamfight Tactics Set 3 Chrono – Sniper Team Comp

TFT Chrono - Sniper Team Comp
TFT Chrono – Sniper Team Comp

It is a part of the team comps collection. It’s helpful for you to delve deeper into how to play Teamfight Tactics and dominate!

Chrono has an amazing capability in late-game when they can strengthen the backline of you with increasing the strike speed for everybody. Jhin and Caitlyn are matching Snipers for within the game.

When to erect TFT Chrono Snipers:

  • You can implement it if you meet several Chronos before anything else or Jhin.

How to design TFT Chrono Snipers

  • Early game: Concentrate on Ashe, Caitlyn, Blitzcrank and Twisted Fate
  • Mid game: 4 Chronos and 2 Snipers are wonderful. At Level 7, get 2 Snipers and 6 Chronos!


  • Jihn can convert the bonus charge speed into strike dmg, according to Teamfight Tactics news. Note that when you watch matches!
  • Ashe may be a champion for Jhin if you build cautiously and don’t catch Jhin for the first time.
  • With leftover gear, attach them to Wukong!
  • Twisted Fate will spawn to buff Chrono. Upkeep him on the bench and let him enter when you have 6 Chronos at dawn. In late-game, he can rest if Thresh comes to light.
  • Jhin: Runaan’s Hurricane, Guardian Angel, Infinity Edge

11. TFT Cybernetic – Chrono

TFT Cybernetic - Chrono
TFT Cybernetic – Chrono

It is the last team comp from TFT Set 3 Patch 10.6 that you can discover here.

Different from Mech Pilot – Infiltrator, it picks the tactic Hyperroll. You are recommended to get entry to Level 7 before rolling leading champs and mass 3-star people, particularly Lucian, Shen, Ezreal, Vi, Blitzcrank.

When to outline TFT Cybernetic – Chrono

  • Determine Cybernetic – Chrono when you wrap up 3 stars for almost cards or pocket Gold.

How to build TFT Cybernetic – Chrono

  • Early game: Have principals generals or stars for anybody from the team.
  • Mid game: Procure 2 Blasters, 3 Cybernetics and 2 Chronos. Wukong will be the 7th hero and the final one.


  • Maintain over 50 Gold and roll smartly with the interest, don’t reach Level 8 unless you upgrade Lucian and Ezreal with 3 stars!
  • Lucian: Runaan’s Hurricane, Giant Slayer, Hand of Justice
  • Shen: Thief’s Gloves
  • Ezreal: Thief’s Gloves

We have presented the top 11 strongest team compositions in TFT Set 3: Galaxies. If you compare it to Set 2, the way to build teams in Set 3 will be more diverse and you can unite champions from other origins, classes to edit a unique team comp as your preference without effort. Why don’t you share the instruction with your buddies now? Our site is always ready to put forward tips, tricks, and breaking news. Have fun!

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