Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.18 with 10 New Items Changes for Meta

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.18 With 10 New Items Changes for Meta
Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.18 With 10 New Items Changes for Meta

The presence of Teamfight Tactics new items in the game made the meta in Patch 9.18 again unpredictable. One of them is the component Sparring Gloves which, when put together with any of other ones such as B.F.Sword or Tear of the Godess, it will turn into one of 9 objects. After some “crafting recipe rotation” two items also have already appeared, which are generated from the current recipes. Eventually, there will be a brand new random drop.

They are gettable in the Public Beta Environment servers at present. Therefore, they might be subject to modification. After they carry out successfully, stuff will be expected to pop up in the live servers in Patch 9.18.

  1. Sparring Gloves
  • +10% more chance to dodge attacks
  • +10% increase in striking a critical hit
Sparring Gloves

Developers’ note: “We didn’t want to disrupt the balance of offensive and defensive options, so we made Sparring Gloves capable of either: If the finished item is offensive in nature, the statline shifts to +20% Crit, if it is defensive, it shifts to +20% Dodge.”

  1. Thief’s Gloves

Combination: Sparring Gloves + Sparring Gloves

Thief’s Gloves

Provide Thief’s Gloves to a champion in Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.18 and will help him create something fantastic. Actually, it will prevent him from putting on anything. At the start of a match, Thief’s Gloves will throw two random things into a hero’s inventory. The best way to have an effect on the RNG of items is leveling up. At the end of the stage, both of them will not be visible.

  1. Hand of Justice

Combination: Sparring Gloves + Tear of the Godess

Hand of Justice

At the moment Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.18 revealed, you can know that a Hand of Justice will offer some RNG. If you wear it, you will receive one of two effects: a 40% increase in damage output or heal for 40 life points upon hitting an opponent. Especially, you will recognize what you will obtain when the battle happens.

  1. Infinity Edge

Combination: Sparring Gloves + B.F. Sword

Infinity Edge

You will have to search for different materials to assemble an Infinity Edge once your Teamfight Tactics Patch Notes 9.18 leaves the PBE. The effect will not change.

  1. Arcane Gauntlet

Combination: Sparring Gloves + Needlessly Large Rod

Arcane Gauntlet

Arcane Gauntlet’s influence is pretty simple. However, it can swing a round as your preference so you can deploy a dangerous hit.

  1. Quicksilver

Combination: Sparring Gloves + Negatron Cloak

Sparring Gloves + Negatron Cloak

Quicksilver belongs to an exciting Tamfight Tactics items update. It will turn the champion it’s given to into Neo from The Matrix. Thus, you can control the crowd. Its effect will be set again every 5 seconds during combat. It is ideal to defend those who have the powerful ultimate. Remember to recharge these abilities!

  1. Iceborne Gauntlet

Combination: Sparring Gloves + Chain Vest

Iceborne Gauntlet

The Iceborne Gauntlet is a crucial resource in the Teamfight Tactics Items Guide. It will slow the opponent’s assault speed. Choose an Iceborne Gauntlet and you can elude, reducing the rival’s hit pace by 30%.

  1. Backhand

Combination: Sparring Gloves + Giant’s Belt


The Backhand in Teamfight Tactics game will give you a spell shield and you can immune to the first damage. If the piece is broken, the champion who caused the last blow to it will be stunned for minutes. If your frontliner gets a Backhand, he can remove the foe’ damaged dealer for a considerable amount of time. For units behind, they can block assassins and Blitzcrank.

  1. Repeating Crossbow

Combination: Sparring Gloves + Recurve Bow

Repeating Crossbow

In addition to the attack speed, the Repeating Crossbow will allow you to perform a critical charge. You can pass it to another ally who will obtain an additional 20% dodge and 20% critical strike chance. Its effect will stack infinitely in each round as units using it broken down.

  1. Mittens

Combination: Sparring Gloves + Golden Spatula

It will be an amusing Teamfight Tactics items build.


With Mittens, you will be a Yordle. They will not only adjust which synergies your character utilizing them can work but also come up with another 10% dodge and critical strike chance, and the bonus Sparring Gloves.

  1. Lord’s Edge

Combination: B.F. Sword + B.F. Sword

Lord’s Edge

Similar to the Thief’s Gloves, you cannot wear it with any other tool. When bumping off someone, the unit wearing it will collect a B.F. Sword for the remainder.

  1. Last Whisper

Combination: B.F. Sword + Recurve Bow

B.F. Sword + Recurve Bow

The Last Whisper will be operated effectively when targeting tanky forces and Yordles. It will inflict the true damage, equal to 5% the max health of the prey.

Besides, there is a product known as Nekko aside from Teamfight Tactics Items Comps. After Teamfight Tactics 9.17 release date and the beginning of Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.18, it is planned to join. It is named Neeko’s Help. It is the initial consumable and spawns a level 1 version of any champion that it is equipped with. You can produce higher levels of champions without spending gold.

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